Scalp Protector

    Nature’s Scalp Protector contains natural Wheat based protein and 5 types of medicinal plants: Korean Angelica, Chinese thoroughwax, Mondo grass, Chinese Asparagus and Agarwood. They help to sooth irritated scalp, treat inflammatory scalp conditions and is effective in Anti-hair breakage by more than 80%. It penetrates deeply into the hair cortex and has anti-allergic and antioxidant effects.
    Directions: Apply Nature’s Scalp Protector onto entirescalp before hair colouring to prevent scalp irritation.Rub and spread evenly on the scalp. Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water after hair colouring.

    Nature’s 头皮保护含有天然小麦的蛋白质和5种药用植物:韩国当归,柴胡,盟草,中国芦笋和沉香木。它们有助于舒缓发炎头皮,治疗炎症性头皮的状态和有效地,超过80%,抗头发断裂。它能深深地渗透到头发皮质和具有抗过敏和抗氧化用。
    说明:在染发之前,把Nature’s 头皮保护敷上整个头皮,防止头皮发炎。均匀地涂抹和擦在头皮上。染发后,用温水彻底冲洗头发。