Hydrating Leave On Mask

Hydrating Leave-On Hair Mask contains organic Argan Oil to provide shine and moisture to hair. Hair will feel soft, smooth and nourished within minutes of application.

強效型陽離子可以中和毛髮產生的負離子減少靜電,加強柔軟。Powerful Cations can neutralize negative ions produced by the hair to reduce static and enhance softness.
Jojoba Oil: 加強滋潤度和保濕度
Enhances nourishment and moisture

Amodimethicone: 固色減緩退色
Protects and preserves colour

Green Tea: 抗氧化減少染髮燙髮的氧化傷害
Contains antioxidants to minimize oxidative damage caused by dyeing and heating
Ceramide-2: 修補毛鱗片受損部位
Repairs damaged cuticles
Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein: 修補內結構
Repairs internal structure

Argan Oil: 增亮加強滑順
Enhance smoothness and increases shine

Glycerin: 加強保濕
Enhance moisturizing factors

Low acid PH level aids in achieving smoother hair

Apply an appropriate amount to damp hair, concentrating on ends. Use a wide tooth comb and comb it through to the ends. Let it sit.